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Join Us for a Dance Lesson

We look forward to dancing with you!

Register Today! 

If you’re interested in our dance classes here at Timeless Elegant Dance in New York, New York, sign up through our registration form below. We look forward to dancing with you!

Registration Form


T.E.D. Guidelines All Students Must Agree To

1. Full Vaccine Proof Requirement
2. Answer All Text and Email Correspondence
3. 24-Hour Cancellation Policy
4Nonrefundable Lesson Packages
5. Punctuality for Every Lesson
6. Review of FAQs


1. Do I need proof of vaccination?

Yes, you do for all lessons.

2. Are lessons refundable?

No, they are not.

3. Are lessons transferrable?

Yes, they are.

4. What happens if I cancel at the last minute?

You lose the lesson, and you are charged for it.

5. What happens if I cancel within the 24-hour period?

You are not charged, and you can rebook the lesson.

6. Can I come in flip-flops or barefoot to a lesson?

No, you may not. You must bring or wear dance shoes.

7. Where can I start booking my lessons?

We start booking all lessons for the week on Sundays. You have all day to book as many lessons as you want for the week.

8. How many promotional lessons can we purchase?

You can only purchase and use one from whatever site we have promotions on, e.g. Groupon.

9. What happens if I don’t show up for a lesson?

You will still be charged for the lesson.

10. How long do lessons stay in my account if I don’t use them?

They will be there for 1 year. You will receive emails encouraging you to use them before they are deleted.

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